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Adam Chacksfield, PhD, Nondual Spiritual Teacher - San Francisco U.S.

"Alice is the real deal; embodied, attuned, and deeply committed to lovingly supporting those fortunate enough to work with her. Alice's trustworthy grounding in loving awareness gives her the rare capacity to reliably promote healing and transformation for even the most challenging places inside. I unhesitatingly recommend the gentle yet potent space that Alice offers.”


Roberta Martini, Journalist at "La Stampa" - Italy

"Alice impressed me with her capacity for empathy. I was able to perceive this as a journalist, as a person and as a woman. She knows how to empathise, how to integrate and how to give - with intelligence and with love. Alice would say 'with gentleness', I know, but there is so much more there than just that.  Here is someone who found their way and can help people to find themselves. Simply listening (this is an exercise we don't seem to do any more) and then giving her all. I wrote about her and what she does, as part of my work. But I know I also found a reference point for my own life.”




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