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Non dual awareness sessions


Non dual awareness sessions are a journey of inner rediscovery based on love and acceptance in which each person is invited to a gentle and naturally healing self-listening and can receive new tools to live their life in a more harmonious way, opening up to the power of personal energy.

My approach during a session is based on a loving and nonjudgmental  acceptance of everything that arises in the person sitting in front of me. Emotions, body manifestations and difficulties of daily life are thus encountered in a new, deeply present rooted dimension.

It becomes possible to welcome and integrate what previously seemed incredible to even look at, to observe with kindness what we were used to harshly judging, and to untie knots of the past without forcing or creating new traumas.

From a non-mental level, new understandings, awareness, self-confidence and a renewed attitude towards life begin to emerge where creativity and freedom finally have the right space.

This and more is what happens spontaneously when you immerse yourself in the loving space of non-dual awareness, and it is a real honor for me to have the required preparation to be able to offer this space without projections and judgment to every person who seeks the truth about themselves and their life.

It is possible to receive the non-dual awareness sessions in person in Vicoforte (Cuneo) and online with Zoom, Skype and Whatsapp.

Contact me by email by writing to or call me at +39 349 863 8051 to book a short free telephone interview to evaluate together if private non-dual awareness sessions are suitable for you! 


Note: the non dual awareness approach is one of the main voices in the worldwide spiritual research of these years. Non dual (from "advaita" in the Indian tradition meaning "not two") invites us to go beyond the sense of separation in which we usually live by finding the connection with ourselves, others and life.


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