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Online meditation is a powerful way to easily meditate in your home.

An online meditation gathering consists of a guided meditation, a space for participants to share, and moments of silence together. The energy of meditation goes beyond the screens and overcomes geographical distance, and a deep empathy and connection are immediately established between the participants in a truly unique experience.

I offer online guided meditation every Monday in Italian and online free silent meditation on Thursdays. Upon request, individual guided meditations are possible, for couples and small groups on different days and times in Italian and English. For information write to


Some testimonials of participants:

“Thank you for the depth you always give us ... I felt all the people in the group sitting next to me…”

"Tonight it was like in meditation in water. I felt completely letting go ... I floated all the time and then there was the sun, I had the light in my eyes ... thanks. "

"It was amazing to listen to your voice and let in the vibration that came from the voice ... and in certain moments it was just a crossing in the whole body."

"It's almost like having dinner tonight ... I feel nourished.”

"Thank you for offering a space where everything can be intimately welcomed.”



Meditation in Water is a consciousness practice that takes place in a warm water pool, mountain lake, or sea. It is an experience each time surprising and each time different. It is a space without words where everything happens without doing anything, simply by living the experience of the moment. Water offers its eternal gift of union and connection to existence, allowing you to rediscover yourself and other people in a dimension of truth. 


“My first water meditation with Alice was my most impressing meditative experience ever. Just that. And also the second water meditation I did with her was just awesome. So how does this work? After a short breathing preparation on the grass we went into the pool with Alice. Eyes closed. Floating on my back, focus on breathing. And then things can happen: water is so primal, magical and cherishing. Your body has no weight. I lost my sense of time, my presence of mind. I completely lost myself: transcending, crying and -eventually- healing. Thanks to the water and thanks to Alice. I felt so good afterwards! She is the perfect loving company, with a very light touch, but extremely determined. She knows exactly what she is doing. And that gives a lot of trust. I felt so safe with her. Being out there in the water I noticed her moving my body once in a while, holding me, supporting my head and just being present.” (Conny, Holland).

"A truly special experience ... I carry with me the meaning of how in the total simplicity of the breath the body and mind are able to free themselves from what is really superfluous ..." (Lucrezia, Tenerife)



A walk in connection with our breath, a simple meditation and easy grounding movements open us to deep ancient feelings. The body naturally relaxes, thoughts are lightened and we enter the present moment as it is without having to change anything.

Meditation in nature takes place every summer in Alta Val di Susa.


"I felt at one with the earth, I had never experienced anything like this ..." (Barbara, Italy)



In every path of self-knowledge, the portion of practices dedicated to the vital energy of the body is fundamental: learning to feel our body, learning not to deny anymore the messages it sends us, beginning to treat it as a faithful companion and not like a machine: these apparently simple steps have importance that is often underestimated.

Energetic Meditation encompasses a combination of simple and powerful practices that I have learned in recent years and which I continue to find extremely useful, not only for physical and mental benefits, but also for their character of gentle guides who accompany us day after day, in a patient and non-invasive way.

Some examples of the practices that constitute the Energetic Meditation:

Taoist Energetic Practices

The millenary Taoist practices spread by Mantak Chia teach you to experience and know your body through really simple exercises. All practices (including the Chi-Kung fundamentals) act gently on the grounding, centering and purification of vital organs by increasing the body's innate energy.

Authentic movement

This very powerful practice is one of the many tools of Adam Chacksfield's teaching. Remaining still or moving, we let the body be guided by an authentic movement, becoming familiar with knowing the truth of our feeling in the present moment and finding a spontaneous intimacy with ourselves.

Conscious Dance

The moving meditations of Osho and Marina Borruso inspired me to conscious dance: letting the body move following the music, without structures and without a defined program. It leads us to feel the body's vitality, to dissolve tensions and rely on life with renewed confidence.




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