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About Me


Loving awareness and living in presence are my gentle and quiet guides.

A brief biography: 

I was born in Venice and grew up in the hills near Vicenza. Graduated in Mathematics from Padua University. I was a teacher of Italian and Math, worked in luxury tourism in Italy and Spain, and in international finance in Montecarlo. I actually live in Vicoforte, in northern Italy. 

As it often happens, a deep and inescapable pain (for me it was a bereavement) catapulted me into a spiritual path without my even realizing it. The first awakening I can remember was the realization that I had to look inside myself, rather than looking to other people around me for the cause of my suffering. This was a real revolution!

In 2015 I met my first spiritual teacher, Marina Borruso. She taught me to live in presence according to the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, as well as showing me the awesome meditation in water (AWA), intense breath practices, and energetic Taoist meditations. After a little more than a year she encouraged me to start teaching meditation in water and to offer private sessions to support people in their lives. 

Subsequently I deepened the Taoist practices (which I had learned from Marina) with Mantak Chia, who spread the Healing Tao in the West. 

In the meantime I decided to completely devote myself to meditation, so at the beginning of 2017 I quit my job at private bank in Monte-Carlo.

The meditation practices I learned from Marina, and Taoism's intuition of universal Love naturally integrated with my teaching. Then in 2018, I met Adam Chacksfield, whose unique and powerful way of teaching non-dual awareness initiated a new and fundamental phase of my path.

Diving into the loving field of non-dual awareness leads us to live the present in a very simple and natural way. It allows us to accept ourselves and other people without judgment, and grants us the grace for which we were born, and to which we are all called: the grace to unfold and fully express our potential during this incredible adventure on Earth. In other words, being happy! A loving invitation for each of us to let our authentic being flourish and be embraced by life’s magnificence.


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